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About Us

We are the premier, homegrown service and guide dog trainers in Eastern Iowa and surrounding area. We can cater to any dog training needs.

“In life, it’s not where you go – it’s who goes with you.”
– Snoopy 

Our Mission



Our mission is to provide comfort, confidence, and independence through the use of service dogs. 

We want to make service dogs accessible and affordable for those who need them most! We pride ourselves on training each dog to meet the specific needs of each client.


What makes us 


  • NO WAIT LIST! We strongly believe in the accessibility of service dog to ALL who need them!


  • We train for MULTIPLE disabilities!


  • We can train your previously owned dog to become a service dog!


  • We use local breeders for those starting from scratch.


  • We strongly believe in having a service dog and their owner live and work together to build a stronger bond and mutual understanding.**


Please note: Not all dogs are suited for service work.

* * Guide dogs MUST live and train on site.**



How we 

We use positive reinforcement and Pavlovian theory to train your dog.

All of our dogs start out learning basic skills and socialization. Once learned, basic skills evolve into more complex tasks until they become required service tasks. For example, "touch" is initially used to mitigate fear of new objects. and eventually becomes "alert" to let their owner know they need to take action. 

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