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Do you work with out of state clients?

YES! We have and are willing to work with out of state clients. There are a couple of options available for training. We can board and train your dog on site. This option requires owners to travel to us every 3-5 months to train with, learn with, and bond with their dog. The other option requires more frequent travel by the owner to our training facility in Mount Vernon, IA and is particularly suited for clients within a reasonable driving distance. With this program the dog remains with the owner for the course of their training, living, working and bonding with them. These individuals work for 2—2 hour sessions with breaks in between. The rest of the month is spent working on skills at home. Don’t forget we are always available for questions along the way!


Where are you located? 

We are located in eastern Iowa, on the edge of the small town of Mount Vernon nestled along Business Hwy 30. We sit between the larger cities of Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. If using navigation, google does better with our old address 847 Business 30 SW, Mount Vernon, IA 52314.  MAP


How long does it take to train a service dog?

On average it takes 12-18 months to fully train a service dog, however this time frame is variable depending on the dog, the complexity of the service skills required, the number of service skills desired, and how much time an owner works with their dog to master and reinforce these skills.


How much does it cost?

A Service dog is an investment and an important tool to help their owners navigate their physical and/or psychological disabilities. We do all we can to keep training affordable for those who need it the most. Please contact us for specific pricing questions.


How do I pay for a Service Dog and training?

As a for profit business, we are unable to assist clients with fundraising, however we offer payment options that we hope make it more manageable especially for those on fixed incomes. Financing options that are available to those needing a way to pay for training include crowd sourcing like a go fund me page, payments made from health savings accounts or similar, personal loans, grants, or seeking funds from other non-profit organizations.


Do you have any dogs available?

NO! We pride ourselves in training each dog to their owner’s specific needs or disability as no two people or dogs are the same in their needs or personalities.


What is the difference between and ESA and a Service Dog?

Service dogs are working dogs that are highly trained to perform specific tasks related to limitations imposed by a medically recognized disability. These dogs undergo intense training and are protected under the Americans Disability Act (ADA). This gives them protected access to all public locations and access to travel such as in cabin flight. Emotional Support Animals (ESA) receive obedience training, and may receive some advanced training, to help mitigate symptoms by providing comfort and companionship. ESAs are only protected by the Fair Housing Act with a prescription from a physician, otherwise they have similar rights to a pet.

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