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Interesting fact:  Marty collects dog figurines in his spare time.

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Marty grew up in Vinton, IA after being adopted at age 4. He grew up with his 3 brothers and one sister. He has been with the Superstar crew for a year and always seems to know what a dog is thinking. Before that, he trained all of his own dogs and has been doing so for nearly 16 years. He has 4 dogs.  One of his dogs, Vada (yellow Labrador) is currently in our training program. He owns 4 dogs. His other 3 dogs include a boxer (Lilah), a shih tzu (Molly), and Lulu (Japanese chin-schnauzer mix). He is most proud of his marriage to Sammie, our Director of Operations and how well Vada has done with training this far. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife, training Vada, cooking and watching football. His favorite team is the Miami Dolphins. 

Bio dedicated to Mystic, Hawki and Amora 

Assistant Trainer

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