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"Caring for and training dogs is like babysitting! The dogs are like watching and having to guide a group of toddlers!"


Alpha Mom

Verna was brought into the dog world by her daughters. She has been assisting her daughter Jackie’s passion for dog training since 2014. They boast a personal pack of 6 pups. Verna is originally from Ryan, IA. She moved around through the years to eventually settle in Iowa. At Superstar Service Dogs, LLC, Verna is the office manager and official caretaker of all, which includes the dogs! Prior to retiring, she spent her career as an office secretary. In her spare time, she enjoys more quiet hobbies including scrapbooking, needlework, reading, and a smattering of painting. She is proud of the fact that time has been well to her, she looks and acts much younger than she is. She is most proud of her 50-year marriage and her two beautiful daughters.

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