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Interesting Fact: Bethany is always willing to share fun facts of about rat intelligence. For instance, "Did you know that rats are just as smart, if not smarter than dogs?" Rats can learn to play human games like hide and seek, and when they win they celebrate!"


Assistant Trainer

Bethany grew up in Eastern Iowa between her grandparents and her mom. Her many pets over the years have brought her comfort in the toughest of times. Her Belgian Shepard named Tux, Bella the rat terrier, Brandy, her calico cat who passed away at over 20 years old, a couple guinea pigs, and a school of fish were always there for her. She currently cares for her four rats: Ruby, Spaghetti, Valore and Bubbles. Her pride and joy is her beautiful Smooth Collie, Ashton who is in service dog training. Bethany is constantly amazed watching energetic pups grow into critical thinking dogs that appropriately interact and communicate with their humans and other dogs. She loves the affection they have to give and working with them is the best part of her day. 


Bethany is most proud of Ashton, the work they have done together, and how he has changed her life. He has given her hope and showed her new possibilities and relationships after going through a rough childhood. 

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