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 Available Dogs

Rarely do we have dogs available that have been partially or fully trained or puppies ready to start their service dog journey.When we do they are featured here! We will be working on having more dogs ready or almost ready during 2023!

The labradoodle breeder we have used is expecting a litter in late January. This is the breeder we obtained Willow and Jasper from!

Upcoming Litter

Meet Leia

We can't get enough of this sweet girl's big brown eyes!

This sweet girl was born August 9th 2023. She is from Iron Hill Retrievers. This little girl is super smart and is soooo sweet. She would make an excellent candidate for service or therapy work.

Screenshot 2023-11-19 at 6.02.44 PM.png

Meet Murphy

Meet Murphy! This guy is as spunky as ever! He is a great guy to play all sorts of games with! He enjoys toys and loves to play in the yard! He enjoys all things fun and would love to find a family to explore everything with! He is located at a shelter we partner with! Check him out at Friends of the Animals Shelter!

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